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Stop killings in Mt Elgon

Thursday March 1 2018

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Something terribly wrong is going on in Mt Elgon Sub-County in western Kenya, where a number of people have been killed in attacks reminiscent of a past insurgency by a shadowy, ragtag military-type outfit.

It took the deployment of the military to crush the so-called Sabaot Land Defence Force (SLDF,) which had terrorised, killed and maimed many local residents, almost bringing all activities to a standstill.

Following the latest attacks, many people have been killed and hundreds have fled their homes.

And the locals are not mincing words about the possible rebirth of the SLDF, whose brutality shocked the nation.

In the past two months, nearly 20 people have been killed.

Perhaps the best indication that this could degenerate into something worse is the brazen impunity of the attackers.


They seem to have only disdain for the authorities.

The terror continues despite stern warnings by, among others, Deputy President William Ruto.

Residents are pointing fingers at former SLDF members recently released from prison after serving long jail sentences for their role in the earlier mayhem.


These hardcore criminals are reportedly on a revenge mission.

But such criminal gangs have no place in a country that cherishes the rule of law.

The security forces must move into Mt Elgon and decisively deal with them.

Those behind the attacks must be punished.