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Stop politicising audits

Friday May 24 2019

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The long-simmering supremacy battles in some counties between the governors and senators are needlessly being extended to a crucial forum that seeks to unearth the widespread rot in the devolved units and help to enhance efficiency by fighting corruption.
It’s a pity that some senators have attempted to take advantage of the County Public Accounts and Investment Committee sessions, where several governors have been invited in recent days to answer audit queries on the 2015/2016, 2016/2017 and 2017/2018 financial years, to settle old scores by humiliating the county bosses. Ideally, where a conflict of interest is likely to occur in such a public inquiry, the concerned member should opt out.
It is, therefore, a shame that a forum meant to get to the bottom of the suspect decisions, mismanagement and blatant looting of public coffers should be reduced to a personality clash between two officials who should be working in harmony to solve the challenges facing their counties. As top elected leaders, governors and senators must shun personal interests and work together for the good of their people, not engage in increasingly ugly spats.
Although there are numerous problems in the counties, it’s inconceivable that senators would wait until the governors appear before the senate committee to raise them. The feuds appear motivated by personal vendettas or other considerations. Indeed, some senators could be harbouring ambitions of challenging the governors in the next elections and would, therefore, use their membership of this key committee to demonise their rivals.
It’s in the interest of all that any audit queries in the counties are satisfactorily addressed. The senate committee sessions must not be used to fight personal wars.