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Stop this deadly racket

Wednesday February 14 2018

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Whereas trade in counterfeit goods has been thriving despite efforts by the authorities to stamp it out, the revelation that fake condoms are in circulation raises serious health fears.

Forget the colossal revenue lost through the distribution and sale of such counterfeits, the fake condoms could spell doom, as it threatens to reverse the gains made in the campaign against HIV/Aids.

A local distributor has confirmed that, indeed, counterfeit condoms are in circulation, and that the authorities are investigating how they got into the country.

Besides the exposure to HIV infection from using condoms, whose efficacy is suspect, these gadgets also play a major role in preventing of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

Population Services Kenya and the Health authorities should closely collaborate to establish the extent to which the deadly exposure of users of fake condoms are likely to be subjected to.

But even more important, people should be more vigilant as they go out to purchase condoms.

The anti-counterfeit agency and the Kenya Bureau of Standards have done a commendable job in identifying fake goods and cracking down on those involved in the illicit trade.

They should step up efforts to ensure that such goods with potentially deadly health consequences do not end up in the hands of gullible users.