Tame flooding menace

Tuesday November 14 2017

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Though we have, by the look of things, had some decent rains in the past several weeks, the story of our woeful handling of this natural phenomenon continues.

Indeed, weather experts have in recent years been quite accurate in predictions and warned before the onset of the rains that they would be heavy.

The recurring stories of floods wreaking havoc must shame us all into seeking a lasting solution.

With all the numerous iron sheet roofs in towns, and even the rural areas, a lot of water is left to flow to waste.


Farmers who had been waiting for the rains to plant their crops, ironically, find themselves helplessly trapped.

Ideally, they should have created furrows and dams to tap the water and use it to boost production.

Some areas have seen crops washed away and roofs blown off houses.

Many will be counting their losses as the rains subside.


And the height of irony is that these people now wallowing in the downpours, will in the next few weeks experience acute water shortages.

The authorities and the people must get a little smarter. We need policies to boost rain water harvesting.

This should not be left to a few NGOs as we have tended to do.

In this day and age, more ingenious and technological ways to prevent the floods menace in the country must be prioritised.

It’s a shame that the rains, which should be a blessing, are perennially a curse. This must end.