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Time to boost road safety

Tuesday March 13 2018

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With an average of 3,000 lives lost in road accidents across the country every year, this is a problem that requires a comprehensive solution.

A sizeable number of the victims perish in public service vehicles.

This explains why the National Transport and Safety Authority, which has been under increasing pressure over the mounting deaths on the roads, is keen to clamp down on this sector.

The NTSA has just announced a plan to have all driving schools and PSV operators vetted afresh.

The objective is to weed out those that have been fraudulently licensed and simply do not meet the requirements to provide this vital service.

Indeed, many of the driving schools lack the capacity and expertise to offer such instruction.

It will also be recalled that, at the height of the road carnage during the festive season last year that caused a public outcry, some of the PSVs were found to have blatantly flouted rules and regulations.

The use of incompetent drivers and unroadworthy vehicles are among the factors to blame for the fatal accidents.

Having been relieved of road traffic control duties through a presidential directive, NTSA officers must focus on enforcing policy and coming up with road safety measures and programmes. Scrutiny of driving schools, accident blackspots, road widening, lane marking and signage installation should keep them fully occupied.