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US-Iran row threat to peace

Monday May 20 2019

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The tension between the main superpower, the United States, and Iran, a nuclear power, are escalating by the day and the world ought to be worried. The repercussions of a military clash between the two states would reverberate far.

At the centre of the row are the claims by the Donald Trump administration that Iran had taken advantage of the 2015 relaxation of sanctions and embarked on its nuclear enhancement programme. To counter Tehran, Washington has imposed a new regime of sanctions. Iran, President Hassan Rouhani has asserted, is “too great to be intimidated by anyone”.

But we call for sanity and ask the two nations to stick to what former US President Barack Obama had painstakingly invested in.

Trump’s America seems to have no qualms opening war fronts. It recognised Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, making nonsense of the two-state prescription for the peaceful coexistence between Palestine and Israel. President Trump wants to build a wall along the Mexico border to lock out South and Central Americans.

In June 2017, President Trump withdrew from the Paris Climate Accord, saying the US would lose 2.7 million jobs by 2025. He also started reversing Obama’s initial steps to lift diplomatic and economic isolation on Cuba. He argues that Cuba is among the countries still supporting Venezuelan strongman Nicholas Maduro, whom the US wants out for alleged human rights violations.

Washington and Moscow are at loggerheads on an array of strategic questions — including Iran, Venezuela, Syria and Ukraine. The US is also entangled in a vicious trade war with China.


Europe and Russia have voiced their reservations against the Trump administration’s grandstanding on Iran. Opening too many war fronts will always be a threat to global peace.