A message for candidates, parents ahead of exams

Tuesday October 24 2017

Standard Eight and Form Four candidates are gearing up for their national examinations.  They need to be well guided. Parents have a big role to play when their children are sitting exams.

They must speak words of encouragement to them. Avoid disparaging language that could cast doubts in the child’s preparedness. 

Your relationship with your child is not dependent on KCPE or KCSE results, or does it?  The exam grade should not affect your relationship with your child.

Ensure that you do not issue ultimatums or threats to compel your child to do well.  

Parents must also be there for the candidates.  Let your children know your love for them is not dependent of examination grades. On their part, candidates must be at peace with everybody around them. If you have not mended fences with people you fell out with, ensure this is done before the exams start. Shed all the emotional baggage by letting go any grudges. When in the exam room, read the questions keenly and attempt all of them. Even one mark matters. Avoid the temptation to cheat. Imagine all the eight or four years’ labour going down the drain.