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Allowing diploma holders to transfer credits laudable move

Wednesday December 6 2017

At last, diploma holders can heave a sigh of relief. From January, they will be allowed to join the university as second- or third year students in a new credit transfer system.

The new rules by the Kenya National Qualifications Framework state that all diploma courses must take two to three years to complete and the students must have attained a C- or C Plain in KCSE.

Remember that, previously, diploma courses were not standardised by universities.

The changes are meant to make learning more flexible, considering that students who achieve low marks in national examinations can progress from the lowest level to the highest through the credit transfer system.


A student will be allowed to transfer credits but must not exceed 49 per cent. This means that they must be in an institution for at least two years before graduating with a degree.

The authority has already benchmarked the qualifications with the internationally recommended hours.

These changes will go a long way in helping those who crave for degrees but did not make it to university due to their performance in KCSE.

Without doubt, this will go a long way in making our country’s future bright, considering many youth crave for higher education but are held back by low performance in Form Four.

Kim Meja Njuguna, Kiambu.


* * *

Education in Kenya has been streamlined in the past few years with solid changes being witnessed. 

The Education Cabinet Secretary, Dr Fred Matiang’i, and the Kenya National Examinations Council (Knec) chairman, Prof George Magoha, deserve praise for that.

Globally, credit  transfer has been a critical yet negotiable business. The question often is, to which university? Kenya should also allow one to transfer credits from a college abroad to a local one.

Previously, KCSE exam grades played a big role in this. One who scored C- and below could not pursue a university degree — regardless of whether they acquired a diploma.

It is good that not having met the high school minimum qualification of C+ will no longer stop a diploma holder from pursuing a degree course.  



* * *

We recently celebrated the World Disability Day.

However, concerns have been raised over the number of children with disabilities who are out of school mainly due to financial reasons.

Education is cited as basic right for Kenyan children — disabled or not — in the Constitution.

The challenge of finances is real. The government and civil society groups should contribute in building the life of a challenged child.