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Apply austerity measures to end wastage of tax funds

Tuesday April 17 2018

The Daily Nation’s editorial on April 12 pointed out the dangers the National Treasury will face by spending capital funds released from the recent revised budgetary allocations on operating costs, mainly of salaries and other routine expenditures, as that will compound problems next year.

The Treasury should be proposing serious austerity measures — such as banning brand new limos or off-road SUVs for Cabinet secretaries, parastatals heads, down to MPs.

Car loans given to political office holders should be repaid over the term of office and taxed. No more palatial houses should be built for senior State officers.

County governments should implement similar measures on fancy cars and houses for governors and other staff.

Limit school fees if officials’ children are sent to high-cost schools at the government’s cost. Overseas trips should be curtailed since, in this age of video conferencing, many topics can be covered by this technology. Only senior staff should fly business class, not even first class, the rest in economy. The number of delegates should be cut down.

Lastly, I urge our President to support such measures if proposed by the Treasury with conviction, such that they do not fear resistance from any quarters.

The private sector goes through austerity measures as was shown by major banks and industries in the past two years.

Anil K. Shah, via email.