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Bad politics a recipe for economic disaster in Kenya

Wednesday February 14 2018


Kenya is a land of great promise. With immense mineral wealth and other natural resources, strategic geographical location and a pool of trained human resources, the country can reach for the sky.

On more than two occasions, the country has squandered real chances to join the league of newly developed nations.

First was in 1963 when Kenya gained independence from the British.

During the first decade as a young, independent nation, our land experienced accelerated economic growth.

Our institutions were strong and independent to deliver services.

Optimism was very high among the citizens who were very keen to serve their country.

Industries roared as agriculture, tourism and commerce flourished.

The economy grew by double digits, an achievement envied by the neighbours.

After a decade of fast economic growth, the momentum started to slow down.

Bad politics came into play. The country was derailed from its development path.

It took the Narc government to revive the economy.

At that time, wananchi’s optimism was almost at fever pitch.

Sadly, as fate would have it, the gains were not long lived and the bad politics risks eroding years of economic progress.

Crack down on political parties dashes hopes of having a strong democracy.