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Banning Marie Stopes services will be felt by the poor

Monday November 19 2018

Information is power. When people have access to accurate information on how to remain healthy and where to get services, they are more likely to make informed decisions.
The decision by Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board to ban Marie Stopes Kenya from conducting abortions, publishing safe abortion information on its website and running safe abortion adverts is uncalled for.
Kenya is struggling with a large number of maternal mortality and morbidity as a result of unsafe abortions. This is because people lack access to accurate abortion information and comprehensive abortion care services.
Banning Marie Stopes from offering such information services will only make the situation worse.
It will erase the gains made over the decades in ensuring we reduce maternal mortality and morbidity.
This will make women and girls take the route of unsafe abortion services.
Everyone has the right to information, The right to the highest attainable standards of reproductive health services is included.
Abortion information and care is part of reproductive health services, and denying women and girls these rights is a crime in itself.
We all know that prevention is better than cure.
We need to keep ordinary women and girls healthy by making safe abortion information and services available to them.