Bring home Kenyans rotting in South Sudanese prisons

Tuesday December 5 2017

My heart goes out to my compatriots rotting in South Sudanese jail for what is alleged to be trumped-up charges of money laundering.

This matter has dragged on for far too long and it is really sad not only for the physical and mental torture the convicts must be undergoing but also the pain their families have been put through all those years.

Those, like me, who have worked in South Sudan know that the prisons in the newest nation are hell on earth.

Kenya has supported South Sudan through the lengthy civil war up to its birth as a nation. It has, for years, opened its doors to our brethren much more than any other neighbour has done.


Seeing the freedom with which South Sudanese live and work in Kenya, it is grossly unfair for Juba to refuse to bail out these Kenyans, even if out of good neighbourliness or humaneness.

The least I would expect is a fair hearing. Besides, I would be satisfied with their repatriation to face justice in their home country.

I refuse to believe that Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed is helpless on this matter.

Her diplomacy skills are legendary, as seen during the lobbying against selective prosecution of African leaders by the International Criminal Court.

Similar vigour, possibly with the able support of our Attorney-General, Prof Githu Muigai, could save our dear countrymen.

KAIMA D. M. RUIGA, Nairobi.