Britain’s ivory trade ban plan big step against poaching

Sunday January 14 2018

Kenya anticipates huge relief following the announcement of plans by the United Kingdom to ban trade in ivory.

The UK is one of the major ivory markets and the move will help Kenya’s bid to eradicate poaching of its elephants.

Poaching cases were higher in 2008-2012 but penalties against culprits led to a decline in elephant deaths by 78 per cent.

As long as ivory has value, poaching will continue. Even the UK’s exemption on ivory used in manufacture of small parts of music instruments will tempt poachers to continue.

On January 1, China, also a major market, banned domestic trade of ivory, inspiring anti-poaching campaigners to take the environmental conservation creed to grassroot communities.

Other countries of the world should emulate China to save elephants from extinction.


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Britain’s plan to shut down — albeit with a limited exemption — its domestic commercial ivory market will go a long way in the bid to stop poaching of elephants, which face extinction.

There are just around 38,000 elephants in Kenya.

A 2012 report by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) says 100 elephants are killed in Africa everyday for their tusks. This number might have increased due to a ready market for ivory.