Declare corruption a national disaster and jail all the culprits

Saturday May 26 2018

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The recent revelation of corruption scandals facing the National Cereals and Produce Board and the National Youth Service are just but a tip of the iceberg.

A recent report also showed that corruption is rife in the counties as businesses lubricate the system for tenders while jobseekers pay bribes for jobs.

Annually, the country loses close to Sh700 billion, enough to prevent any external borrowing.

The state of roads, especially in Nairobi County, is evidence of the adverse effects of corruption.


Blaming the rains for the poor state of the roads is a lame excuse.

The garbage situation in the city is testament to the outcome of corruption.

The joblessness in the country is a result of the looting of public coffers. The perennial hunger that faces the country has all the hallmarks of corruption.

If left untamed, this malignant cancer will destroy the very fabric of our society.

Vulnerable Kenyans will starve to death. Kenyans will soon find health facilities without medication.

Houses hastily built from ill-gotten wealth will collapse. The country’s productivity will decline as workers delay in unnecessary traffic jams.

Simply put, the speed at which corrupt cartels are fleecing national and county coffers is shocking and unacceptable.

As such, the government should declare corruption not just a social evil but a national disaster.

It is time President Uhuru Kenyatta stood up and fought not only for his legacy but also for the next generation.

Now is the time to suspend the constitutional rights of the corrupt for the greater good of the majority.

Just like Singapore, it is about time we made corruption an act of treason.

A nation that does not embrace work as the only way to create wealth cannot secure its own posterity and stability.

Saving the future of Kenyan children must start with sending chills in the veins of the corrupt.

These are the enemies of our national progress. We cannot ignore the urgency of the moment.


Corruption scandals are being unearthed every day of late.

Billions of taxpayers’ shillings have gone down the drain. This trend is worrying.

Justice Aaron Ringera once said: “Corruption is a dragon. Dare touch it, it will fight back.”

Many have been forced to step aside and numerous investigations done, but few have been jailed.

Just when shall we agree to work for the common good of the people?

The fight against corruption is a tough one and we have to brace ourselves even better to get anywhere near victory.