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Exploit technology to revolutionise the health sector

Monday January 1 2018

The health sector is responding too slowly to innovation, going by the way it delivers services.

It should change from being supply-driven to patient-centred. We should see an integrated health system (IHS) with common procedures and data collection automated.

A centralised data access point would ease the work of health practitioners and enhance efficiency. Besides, the government will more easily plan and improve healthcare since the officers can know which diseases affect the nation most and the mainly affected areas and even track response to medicines.

While building the new health architecture, the government should ensure that security and privacy of patients’ data. That will build trust in the system and ensure data is not tempered with.


Healthcare in the rural areas can be improved. For instance, medicines, blood for transfusion and other health tools should be delivered using drones.

Also, an anti-counterfeit system would ensure patients are given only certified drugs.

To ensure conformity in the IHS, laboratory and all other information at a hospital must use a common data definition for standardisation.

Adopting secure digital healthcare apps would improve service delivery, as will the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence and machine learning.