Find a permanent solution to drug abuse in secondary schools

Sunday April 14 2019


In March 2017, police in Eldoret arrested 24 secondary school students for alleged sex orgies and drug abuse.

That year, a report on a national survey on alcohol and drug abuse in secondary schools showed the four most abused drugs in the institutions as alcohol, miraa (khat), bhang and tobacco. Alcohol abuse topped at 23.4 percent, or 508,132 boys and girls, with the median age for early drug consumers being 15.

That year, a random study of 3,908 students from different places and secondary schools showed that they knew bhang, cocaine, alcohol and cigarettes with at least 80 percent identifying them as drugs.


In 2016, another study had shown rising cases of drug and substance abuse in secondary schools. Newly admitted students are initiated in the vice.

Between July 14 and September 16, last year, seven Moi Siongori Girls Secondary School students were reportedly caught smoking bhang and expelled but the county education board intervened while five others from Longisa Boys were arrested over drug peddling claims.

Drug abuse has led to excessive exposure of pornography since drug abuse impairs moral judgement. Scores of youngsters are being exposed to this moral vice that is easily accessible on the internet. But parents are spoiling their children by buying them smartphones, which they sneak into school and using them to download improper content.

The worrying state of drug abuse among teenagers in secondary schools is a clear indication that parental role has been neglected. It’s high time stakeholders in the education sector checked the trend.

Samuel Mwangoo, Taita-Taveta