Give our girls a future by preventing teen pregnancy

Wednesday January 3 2018

Kenya has made huge strides when it comes to the health and education of women and girls.

But despite that, adolescent and teenage girls remain the most vulnerable group in this country.

Teenage pregnancy is one of the main problems affecting their social, economic and political progress, empowerment, health and education.  

The teenage pregnancy and motherhood rate in Kenya stands at 20 per cent, since 2008, according to the KDHS 2014 report. This implies that one in every five teenage girls aged 15-19 has either had a live birth or is pregnant with their first child.

The Ministry of Education says 13,000 girls drop out of school yearly due to teenage pregnancy. 


This cannot be the future that we prepare for our daughters. 

The county and national governments and non-State actors should integrate age-appropriate comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education and information into the school curriculum and other platforms.

The young people are then more likely to make informed choices concerning their sexual and reproductive health and rights, hence reduce teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

The government should also implement and enforce all relevant laws and policies that address the issues of teenage pregnancy.