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Let’s heed Akombe remarks on IEBC and shelve repeat election

Friday October 20 2017

If former electoral agency commissioner Roselyn Akombe’s statement that the repeat presidential poll is unlikely to be credible is anything to go by, then Kenyans should not be forced to vote next week.

Chief Justice David Maraga pointed out that if the Supreme Court is called upon to give its verdict after the October 26 election and discovers that the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) failed to conduct the poll in accordance with the law, it would give the same judgment as that of September 1.

Kenyans must not forget that it is the IEBC that bungled the August 8 election and wasted billions of taxpayers’ money.

The commission is under siege and it seems it is determined to waste more money.

IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati has had the audacity to tell Kenyans that the commission is ready for the polls but the truth is that it is not.

From the look of things, Kenya is headed in the wrong direction. Efforts should be made to ensure the country is back on track.



* * *

Dr Akombe’s resignation points to divisions at the IEBC, including its secretariat. Her assertion that the commissioners are partisan shows the root of the divisions.

It is time the commissioners allowed integrity and the rule of law to guide them for the sake of our country. A divided house cannot stand and if this one falls, Kenya falls with it. God save our nation.

ANN NDEGWA, Murang’a.


* * *

Although Dr Akombe’s resignation may not affect the fresh poll much, there are a few things she mentioned during her live talk on KTN that are worth noting.

The first one is about her security and that of her family. No matter how much you love your work, there is no way you can sacrifice your life.

The fear is aggravated by the memory of the death of the polls agency’s IT manager Chris Msando, whose killers are yet to be found.

Considering how she was dedicated to her work and the way she used to run around, she must have faced a real threat for her to quit.

Secondly, she said the commissioners were not working as a team.


She said there were times when her suggestions were dismissed outright. This made her believe the other commissioners favoured some political parties.

Dr Akombe narrated how she and others went to train returning officers in Siaya, only for rioters to attack the staff, saying there would be no election.

She said the officers and their families even feared being harmed at their homes.

When demonstrators, who are supposed to be calm and escorted by the police, behaved like criminals, throwing stones at the officers, we fear the worst.

Will they not burn polling stations and materials on election day?