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Let us fete all our national heroes, including the ‘Unknown Soldier’

Wednesday October 23 2019

This year’s Mashujaa Day (heroes day) was celebrated at a time when the country is facing a myriad challenges.

To start with, the dry season has gone and Kenyans should be ushering in the rainy season with a smile but for my compatriots in the north, things have gone south as floods have caused the deaths of livestock and people.

Secondly, there was a macabre coincidence — the venue of Sunday’s event, Mama Ngina Waterfront, is adjacent to the scene of the recent Likoni ferry tragedy. That should jolt us to up our disaster preparedness.

Thirdly, needless to say, corruption has become a permanent menace. Fourthly, the recent appointments to top public service posts went to retirees, attracting backlash from, particularly, the jobless youth.

Fifthly, truckers are protesting an order for all cargo from Mombasa to Nairobi to be ferried on the standard gauge railway (SGR), which many see as an attempt at a new monopoly and robbing them of their livelihood.

Feting our heroes means passing the message that we appreciate the contributions towards making Kenya a better place for all. Draft a proper framework to address these and other setbacks for the citizens.

My shujaa is the person who makes Kenya comfortable for all.

Kipkirui Segut, Makueni

* * *

Kenyans have set aside four days in a year to celebrate our ‘Kenyanness’ and independence from colonialists. This is despite the bad shape that we are in economically: Madaraka, Moi, Mashujaa and Jamhuri days.

Moi Day had been scrapped under the 2010 Constitution but somebody went to court last year and the judge revived it.

How I wish we had set aside just one day, say, Jamhuri Day, that would swallow the other three. Our madaraka (self rule) culminated into Jamhuri (independence) six months later and all our heroes and heroines can always get a special mention.

As for Moi Day, the Attorney-General should go to court and challenge the ruling.

Githuku Mungai, Nairobi

* * *

Retired President Mwai Kibaki is my hero. After many years of independence, in 2005 he unsuccessfully tried to give us a new Constitution. He would succeed in August 2010, when our country got its new supreme law of the land.

President Kibaki has been there to deal with cartels and fought for the economy. At one time, the Kenya shilling had the highest value in East Africa and was nudging the dollar.

I also thank President Kibaki for the free primary education.

Musungu Kulundu Ibrahim, Kisumu

* * *

Most of those who sacrificed to liberate our nation have been neglected by the government. Their dream has been killed.

They fought for our freedom and land but got a rude shock. The colonial sympathisers grabbed the land.

Most of them are dead. The government should at least cater for the ageing ‘remnants’.

Alex Wachira, Laikipia