Media has big role in education in globalised world

Monday January 1 2018

The media has the potential to shape personality and change the way we perceive and understand  the world and immediate reality.

Around the world, students are being globally connected with one another via the internet. These mass media tools have made the world a ‘smaller’ place in a way, called globalisation.

The way the media affects education is great and varied. Media plays a dominant role in the learning process.

Taifa Leo provided students with Form 4 and Standard 8 learning materials.

Teacher education needs media literacy as an essential tool and topic in the new millennium.


Universities and other education providers have responded by increased use of social media marketing to showcase their courses and attract students.

Social media also has a place as a teaching tool. Some lecturers are beginning to tap into its potential benefits in education.

Early data from some of the most successful student participation is greatly increased when social media platforms are integrated with the learning programme.

Print media, radio and television facilitate information and knowledge.

The media has given a new dimension and meaning to education.