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No need for new traffic laws and roads agencies

Saturday January 13 2018

I support government spokesman Eric Kiraithe's recent sentiments on road safety. We do not need new traffic laws.

The traffic police department is too rotten to be salvaged while the National Transport Safety Authority is no better.

It is only new and untainted people who may possibly salvage the situation. Maybe we need disciplined foreigners to take charge of our traffic management.

The foreigners can make use of a few graduates from our police colleges. Traffic rules and regulations are well documented, but the above institutions have failed to enforce them.

The government should utilise on-the-spot fines. The fines should also be reasonable so that the drivers caught do not debate whether to bribe or pay up.


In this way, the government will raise its revenue, which is currently ending up in the officers’ pockets.

Traffic cases should be dispensed with without delay. The manner the offences are handled is too time consuming, making the offenders opt to bribe policemen to save on time.

The government must not shy away from taking measures that may be castigated and painful, but which will pay off in the end.

Erecting bumps is not a solution. The country is growing and people do not want to waste time on the roads. We must embark on the construction of high speed roads.