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Our enemy is not tribalism but growing social gap

Sunday October 22 2017

Recently, the police invaded businessman Jimmy Wanjigi’s home.

Nasa leaders among them Raila Odinga went to his defence.

In fact, sources indicate that Mr Odinga spent a night at Mr Wanjigi’s home.

Despite the two being from different tribes, they are not at odds with each other.


Why? The answer is simple. There is another greater tribe that connects the two.

That tribe has always interwoven Mr Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta.

They can differ politically but will always refer to each other as “my brother”.

The rich love and respect each other as brothers.


Secondly, when someone has money he can choose his political stand, but the poor Kenyans are always lumped together in tribal cocoons.

The poor Kikuyus think Mr Odinga is the problem while the poor Luos think President Kenyatta is the source of their problem.

The rich have no tribe they always associate with each other based on interests.

Mr Wanjigi was close to President Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto and is now in Mr Odinga’s camp because of interests not tribe.


In addition, I have never seen a political rally in Muthaiga, Kileleshwa, Runda and Karen.

These places are usually peaceful and protected. But the slums are always the battle ground and campaign fields.

It is time the poor people knew that we only have two tribes in Kenya: The poor and the rich.

The rich love one another and guard their interests.