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Planet Earth cries for healing as world celebrates Ozone Day

Sunday September 15 2019

On Monday September 16, Kenya will join other countries to mark the World Ozone Day. The global event seeks to raise awareness on the protection of the Ozone layer from substances that cause or catalyses the Ozone’s depletion.

Themed "32 years and healing", the celebration comes at a time when there are divided voices on the reality of climate change despite its continued manifestation around the world.

These divisions accentuated by climate deniers not only scuttle efforts to heal the wounded Ozone but are also responsible for the worsening food security situation, rising numbers of intra-continental and intercontinental migrants, spread of animal and human diseases, increase in human-animal conflicts and emergency of new diseases that are complex to treat, among other threats.

Experts have warned that if we continue doing business as usual, we will be drifting the world to a sudden close, for a degree rise in the mean global temperature alone will lead to enormous loss of biodiversity and as a result, render the world inhabitable for mankind.

Statistics reveal that since 2001, the world has experienced higher mean temperatures every subsequent year, a trend that a large community of scientists have attributed to anthropogenic processes (environmental pollution originating from human activity processes).

Over the same period, floods have remained prevalent because of the antecedence of drought and floods. Combined, extreme weather events (of drought and floods) are responsible for global loss of economic resources annually, which is an equal proportion of what Kenya losses due to the intensified weather.

If the anthropogenic processes are not monitored and regulated, the thin layer of the stratosphere that shields the earth from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation will get thinner, narrow man’s livelihood options and possibly mark an end to his survival.

Back at home, the ramifications of fire incidents in Mount Kenya are real. Increasing tensions between farmers from the Northern parts of the country and farmers in Meru and Taita-Taveta are only recent.

Kenya has a role to play in environmental protection. Advocacy and capacity building among the most vulnerable communities should be strengthened to build their resilience.

Obed Nyangena, via e-mail