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Reduce budgets of State agencies to curb theft, waste

Thursday March 29 2018

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Auditor-General Edward Ouko has given many reports exposing theft and misappropriation of public funds, the latest being on the National Social Security Fund, but there has been no follow-up about them.

A parliamentary committee now wants the electoral commission to explain why it has paid lawyers Sh2.1 billion instead of Sh1 billion since 2013.

Members of Parliament also want the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to explain why it hiked biometric voter registration (BVR) system vendor support and maintenance costs by Sh61.6 million.

lf teachers, lecturers, police, doctors and nurses and other public servants want a salary increment, they must demonstrate in the streets, fight with the police and lose work days, eventually leading to court cases that take ages.

Let those mandated to fight corruption, such as EACC and the police, take action on the misappropriation of taxpayers’ money so that employees get their deserved pay raise.

The money lost in ministries, parastatals and other State agencies is enough to resolve the long-drawn out salary disputes.

Low salaries beget low morale by employees and invite corruption.

Also, high salaries and allowance for parastatal chiefs, politicians and ministers cause inequality, leading to runaway borrowing.

Let the Parliament reduce the IEBC budget as it is not being used prudently.