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Runaway cases of defilement worrying and must be eradicated now

Friday May 24 2019

It was a good thing that the Daily Nation carried stories on rape and defilement cases in Kenya on Monday and Tuesday this week. The two vices are rarely discussed in public and yet they are issues that are worth national attention if at all we want to eradicate them.
Many victims of rape and defilement shy away from reporting to the police due to fear of victimisation, guilt, stigma and scepticism (the belief that no action will be taken against the perpetrators). But this is about to change because, the more the public is enlightened about these vices, the more they will be against them and so they will be united to fight them.
Victims of rape and defilement deserve justice. Although that does not heal the wounds or erase the horrible memories of the attack, the fact that the perpetrator paid for it counts.
The moment one victim gets justice easily, more will come out and report their cases.
Juliet Maina, Machakos

* * *
It is unfortunate that the number of defilement cases has shot up in recent times, with surveys indicating a 36.7 per cent increase last year from 2017.
This has been attributed to the mistakes of police officers and unfair rulings by the courts.
Some police officers are not keen enough to preserve the evidence and prevent people from tampering with it. Then the court releases the accused on bond, endangering the victim.
That emboldens the perpetrators to continue engaging in the vice, since they know that the court will be lenient on them.
Rape and defilement seem to have become normal acts. That’s quite frustrating because the culprits seem to only receive a slap on the wrist, making their victims read conspiracy in the conduct of the Judiciary and the police as they are denied justice
Naum Ndinda Muli, Machakos