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Sonko’s hawkers, boda boda Rwanda tour waste of money

Wednesday April 25 2018

The proposed tour by boda boda riders, matatu operators and small-scale traders, including hawkers, to Rwanda organised by the Nairobi City County government is, indeed, laughable and an extreme wastage of resources.

What ails our public transport system is simply non-enforcement of traffic rules and blatant impunity. If anybody had to go on a benchmarking tour, given our elaborate laws and rules, it would be the law enforcement agents at the national and local government levels.

Ernest Saina, Nairobi.


* * *

There are reports that the city county government will send 300 boda boda riders to Kigali to learn good manners. Do I say shame on we?

I urge Governor Mike Sonko to rescind the decision. He is being misled by his advisers, who he told us, are professors. I have taken a ride on those Kigali “moto”. They move fast but stick to their lane. The Nairobi traffic marshalls should ask the boda boda riders to behave. Period.

Githuku Mungai,Nairobi.


* * *

So now Governor Sonko plans to send 300 hawkers to Kigali for benchmarking while the university lecturers are still on strike? The government should address the strike first.

Florence Gege, Kisumu.