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Stop blatant abuse of children with disabilities by grown-ups

Monday June 24 2019


Walking along the streets in major towns in the country is an adventure where you meet very many children with disability placed in some strategic locations where most people pass by.

Able-bodied adults, most probably the children’s parents, bring them very early in the morning, some even a few minutes to 7am. They place them in those positions with bowls and they have trained them on how to attract the attention of passersby.

The children spend the entire day begging, just as trained. At some point during the day, some smartly dressed persons — adults — come and empty the bowls.


Rarely do the ‘owners’ of these children bring them food during the day. Only well-wishers buy fruits, juice and mandazi and give to them.

Later in the evening, they come and collect the children and take them to unknown destinations.

Instead of taking them to school to get an education and become successful, these adults subject them to this indignified money-making venture, from which able-bodied grown-ups benefit.

Who said being disabled is condemnation to become a beggar throughout one’s life? We have seen disabled people going to school and becoming independent and successful.

Do these exploiters really care about the future of these children, when they won’t be there to be taking them to the streets?

I don’t want to imply that we should not give to the needy but, to this extent, this is child abuse.

Joshua Oyengo Onyino, Nakuru