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Monday February 10 2020

PATHETIC ROADS: The Sabaki neighbourhood of Athi River on Nairobi’s southeastern outskirts in Machakos County has some of the worst roads, remarks Elias Omwenga. This is the case, yet there is a large and fast-growing population in the area and a good number of schools literally crying out for access. Frustrated about the neglect by the local leadership, Elias says, the residents have resorted to pooling resources to repair some of the roads that have been badly damaged by the ongoing, unusually, heavy rains. He looks forward to the day when the county government will feel touched enough to supplement the residents’ modest efforts and upgrade the roads.” He can be reached on [email protected]

SICK HOSPITALS: The recent exposé of the widespread rot in the healthcare delivery, especially in private hospitals, did not surprise many people as it has been going on for a long time, says Ruth Gituma. It just goes to vindicate the doctors in public hospitals who have been agitating for solutions. She cites the common establishment of some private labs and other disease-scanning services that are then conveniently located very close to the public hospitals. The time, Ruth strongly believes, has come to also critically look into the medical insurance service. “Why indicate the upper limit to the service provider? Won’t that encourage them to set targets for their staff?” Her contact is [email protected]

FRIENDSHIP BRIDGES: The emergence of rival camps in the Building Bridges Initiative campaign confronting each other at its public rallies is causing confusion among the ordinary peace-loving Kenyans, notes Justin N. Nkaranga. Concerned about the deepening chasm, Justin has two vital questions: “Which way forward? Which is the best option to go?” But with the 2022 General Election just over two years away, he sees an opportunity for yet another initiative, Building Bridges of Friendship (BBF). His contact is [email protected]

BBI BREAK: The death of former President Daniel Toroitich arap Moi, Carey Yiembe notes, may have plunged the country into mourning a man who steered the nation for 24 years, but it has also inadvertently “brought a welcome pause to the madness called BBI”. Initially a noble idea, the Mombasa resident remarks, BBI has been hijacked by politicians and literally gone off the track. “This enforced break is a good opportunity to meditate for two weeks on the first stanza of our National Anthem, especially the bit on justice, unity, peace and liberty. It should result in more inclusivity and tolerance.” His contact is [email protected]

Have a unifying day, won’t you!