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Teachers’ key role in education reforms disregarded

Wednesday February 14 2018


The last one year has seen the Education ministry roll out ambitious reforms with the sole purpose of aligning education objectives with sustainable development goals.

This move should be lauded because it will provide a road map for economic growth.

However, the challenge that besets these reforms is lack of full participation in the planning phase by all stakeholders.

The blatant disregard of the role that teachers have in the implementation of the programme has resulted in squabbles between the ministry and the tutors.

The introduction of the National Education Management and Information System, which is aimed at capturing the essential information of staff and the students of a particular school, is a good idea.

However, teachers were not involved in the roll-out of this programme.

There is partial knowledge on the programme, and especially how to roll it out. The following questions thus beg: How long is the programme supposed to take? Are teachers the ones to key in data? Are they supposed to implement the curriculum at the same time? Is it possible to make the process easier and not complex as it is? These questions must be addressed to enable smooth implementation of the programme.