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The moral untidiness in our society is heartbreaking, which way Kenya?

Tuesday August 20 2019

People, thoughts and ideas can be presented in different ways and forms.

Communication is complex when more than one idea is presented. There are checks and balances followed to protect and guide the next generation.

Even with democracy in place, there are attitudes and certain aspects that make a country different from another.

My opinion on this subject may sound didactic, but I intend to be as truthful as I could be. It is discouraging to think about how people are shocked by honesty and not deceit.

The moral untidiness that has encompassed our society is heartbreaking. When we see people lowered to the level of speaking about their amorous exploits on social media, and not feeling any ounce of shame, it just shows us the levels of insanity we have as Kenyans.

We have embraced an attitude towards making issues of national importance become silly.


As a country, we have become geniuses at perfecting the art of underestimating our issues through memes and jokes. We have found solace in pretence and acting as if nothing serious is happening.

Last week, we witnessed a story on a young girl and her manager trending on Twitter. The conversation lacked sobriety and it was quite sad to see people lowering their standards just to prove a point.

We also witnessed individuals who lacked decency and taste in their discussion points.

Another twist of events witnessed included two leaders considered to be 'the voice of the voiceless' aired their dirty linen in public and dragged Kenyans into their native vulgarity.

We simply became victims of aberration and forgot about the real issues affecting the common mwananchi.


The Kenya Film Classification Board has the mandate to examine and classify films meant for public exhibition to conform to the national aspirations, moral standards and protect the children while allowing more choice for adults.

There are also mandated to restrict certain films or content for the sake of certain standards. These include behaviours that are considered to be a fetish, violent or promiscuous.

The amount of vulgarism in our songs and culture takes me aback, since we have encouraged it and let it slide.

Back then, it was quite clandestine but thanks to social media, nothing is concealed anymore.

Now, musicians and artists are appreciated more when they sing or dance explicitly.


We might not immediately see the damages we are causing with such activities in our country.

But slowly by slowly, we are losing the moral fabric we have as a country and creating a disaster. Kenyan is slowly falling into a socially impaired nation, full of depressed people.

The generation looking up to us will see no need of having a moral fabric since it was destroyed by the few seeking moral liberation.

Valerie Odhiambo, Nairobi