The supposed peaceful demos involve widespread violence

Tuesday October 24 2017

Leaving Macharia Gaitho’s article, ‘Election Stand-off smacks of a case of history repeating itself’(DN October 24) to go unchallenged will be an intellectual and professional negligence of duty.

The press briefing he referred to had one major theme: That there exists within Nasa a conspiracy not to postpone the October 26 presidential election, but to deprive Kenyans of their constitutional right to elect their President.

Whereas Macharia seems to be adept at history, I was certainly not around in the 1960s and 1970s so I won’t respond to that. I will just follow up on our statement of October 21. 

Macharia must have read and understood our message to Kenyans that talking about reforms which could have been carried out in 60 days and can now be done in 90 days is pure deception and part of a ploy to postpone the fresh presidential election indefinitely, subverting the Constitution and the fundamental democratic right of citizens.

Sample this: The law stipulates that election results must be transmitted electronically but is Safaricom compromised, IEBC commissioners have been receiving their orders from outside forces and cannot be trusted with a credible election, the IEBC secretariat, complete with its CEO, are part of scheme to steal Nasa votes.


Does Macharia believe that we can replace Safaricom with a service provider with equal network coverage, assemble a new commission, replace 75 per cent of all senior managers and recruit others and still hold a perfect election in less than 90 days? 

We insist that there exists a cartel within Nasa who share a common plan and purpose to take actions necessary (whether constitutional or not) to gain political power and control over Kenyans without following the constitutional imperatives.

They embarked on a campaign to mobilise and indoctrinate supporters to mistrust the government, attack IEBC personnel and other citizens willing to vote and create anarchy until their criminal enterprise is accomplished.

 We are saying the so-called peaceful demonstration will involve widespread violence, and looting and make IEBC staff and other citizens apprehensive that they will be subjected to violence if they turn out to vote.

There is evidence that Nasa has planned, instigated, directed, procured and aided cohorts to disrupt the electoral process. They bear the highest responsibility for any criminal outcomes.   

The gun search in Muthaiga, Nairobi

I won’t take readers through the distinction of firearms licensed for self-protection and weapons of war like the M4, which fires 950 rounds of ammunition per minute to a range of up to 600 metres.

I will draw their attention to the fact the officers in the operation followed the specified procedures and obtained court warrants to gain entry into the premises and carry out the search.

And finally, there seems to be a notion that guns are potentially dangerous only if they fall in the hands of poor, ordinary civilians and that every well-to-do civilian licensed to own a firearm handles it in a responsible and safe manner.

In my over 20 years’ experience  I know this notion is grossly mistaken. Firepower in the hands of wealthy, reckless and psychotic individuals is known to have caused misery in the world we live in today.

Macharia does not need to repeat history by going back to university to discover that.

ERIC KIRAITHE, Government Spokesman.