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University graduates should be innovative, become self-employed

Thursday October 31 2019

By Kimani wa Njuguna

President Uhuru Kenyatta has, on several occasions, urged our youth to be innovative and aim to be self-employed rather than wait for the elusive formal jobs.

A good example of this is when the President informed us that the Jubilee government would continue providing public universities with the necessary support in a bid to promote research and innovation for national development.

He also informed us that the government was working on eliminating challenges that have been hindering the smooth running of education institutions, including issuance of title deeds to curb encroachment by land grabbers.

He also informed us that our country is banking on universities for innovation and research and that this government will continue offering necessary support needed from all sides.

It is for this reason graduates should not stop there but continue desiring to move up the academic ladder in order to have a country with great minds for the purpose of our development.


For this reason the youths who are graduating in universities and colleges should accept the challenge not to wait for employment.

Rather than this which had been giving us headache, they should use the acquired knowledge to start their own income generating projects.

That is the reason they should uphold the highest level of integrity in their own future endeavours and to embrace giving back to the community by supporting the less fortunate in the society. Because of all these, we cannot help being thankful to those heading our universities.

A good example is Chuka University Vice-Chancellor Erastus Njoka when he revealed that the university is implementing an elaborate plan that will not only develop it, but also transform the surrounding region.

According to Prof Njoka, so far the student population at Chuka University has surpassed 16,000 with 3,132 having joined this year through Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service.


This is the sixth-largest allocation among the 69 universities in the country and 55 government-sponsored degree programmes.

He highlighted the key capital projects the university is embarking on, among them construction of a Sh1.6 billion 14-storey administration block that will house the faculty of law.

To add to our happiness, the university is also constructing a Sh3.5 billion ultramodern Science and Technology Research Park.

For the benefit of our country, all these will only be of help to us if our students become innovative and employ themselves instead of fighting for employment from the government which in most times it never comes leaving them frustrated graduates.

Kimani wa Njuguna, teacher, Kiambu