Urgently address teachers promotions once and for all

Sunday February 11 2018

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The Kenya National Union of Teachers has raised several concerns about its members, raising fears of a fresh dispute with the teachers’ employer.

The Knut wants the Teachers Service Commission to promote more than 30,000 teachers who have stagnated in same job groups even after acquiring the necessary academic papers.

It has also demanded that TSC drops performance appraisals.

The TSC behaves like it is not comfortable with teachers going for further studies.

The commission wants primary school heads and their deputies to have bachelors degrees and secondary principals to have masters degree but is yet to honour parts of the 2017-21 pay deal, widening salary gaps.

Addressing journalists at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development recently, Knut Secretary-General Wilson Sossion insisted that TSC had no choice but to promote thousands of teachers now approaching the sunset of their careers.

According to Knut, the appraisals as an evaluation tool should be done away with “since teachers spend more time putting their papers in order at the expense of the child”.

Police officers are usually promoted after three years in the same rank.

Why can’t the same be applied to teachers?