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Ways in which communities can help police fight crime

Sunday January 19 2020


In recent years, this country has experienced increasing cases of insecurity as a result of overpopulation and unemployment.

The incidents have mostly been blamed on the youth. Since they constitute the highest number of the unemployed, the youth resort to evil methods of looking for cash, thereby engaging in crime.

This problem is left for the police to deal with. However, the community should also chip in to help the police to eradicate crime.

One method by which the community can help is through advising and encouraging the youth and educating them on the dangers of crime. It’s closer to a criminal than the police are.

Parents, friends or even neighbours can get better ways of resolving crime in their locality. Before one engages in crime, somebody in the community can put sense into him, making him become a better person.

The community can also encourage the youth to join and even form self-help groups to provide their own employment.

The government has put measures in place and provided youth funds, where young people can secure loans and start businesses.


The community only has to instil a positive mindset among the youth and the challenge of crime.

It can also employ the youth. Some communities have hired youth for jobs such as garbage collection and cleaning services.

Through this, many youth have taken a positive direction in life and become respectable and resourceful people in the community.

If other communities join hands and employ their youth, then at some point the problem of insecurity would be a thing of the past.

Those living in places with high crime rates have a better chance of understanding what happens in those communities.

This is because they are the people who experience the crime first-hand and are, hence, better placed to find ways of resolving the problem.

The population, in partnership with the government and non-governmental organisations, can come together and organise youth forums and community outreach programmes, where they help the youth to understand that crime is not the only option.


Still, there are other many options that one can resort to.

The community has the upper hand in changing the minds of individuals, especially those who are its members.

If the community can help one individual who, in turn, changes another, with time, the world would be a changed place.

The problem of crime cannot be tackled through solo effort, but should include many stakeholders, who have better ways to fight crime rather than killing through the bullet.