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We must get a solution to escalating domestic killings

Wednesday March 14 2018

By DAVID M. KIGO, Nairobi.

We should change our approach to life if we are to end the macabre killings in families.

Not a month passes without such sad incidents being reported. Parents are turning against their own offspring or spouses in brutal circumstances unmeasured in recent times.

Are institutions that are meant to be correctional and spiritual — such as the churches, mosques, government agencies and non-governmental organisations that crop up by the day — up to the task of giving guidance to Kenyans?

Stressful living has wrought upon us by the ever-escalating high cost of life and a myriad other problems that most people find hard to tolerate.

Hence, most Kenyans are critically in need of counselling.

The marriage front seems to be the epicentre of all things evil.

Most of these bizarre happenings occur in the home and in families that profess a religious faith.

Today’s marriage thrives on a stretched string that snaps anytime due to the vagaries of the fast-lane living and unmatched demands.

The cultural and traditional guidelines that were the screws that held families together are no longer there.

If a new approach to life’s challenges is not found and the bodies entrusted with counselling for families, especially newly married couples, seriously address these shortcomings, family life is under great threat.

DAVID M. KIGO, Nairobi.