Weekly protests hurting businesses across the country

Wednesday October 11 2017

The concerns being raised by business people on what they are going through due to the ongoing weekly demonstrations called by opposition leaders is proof that we are wrecking this country’s economy.

Traders have complained that their businesses are not doing well.

Eventually, Kenyans from all walks of life, including leaders themselves, will feel the strain.

Though the Constitution allows people to demonstrate peacefully, what we are witnessing, however, is not peaceful.

Hooligans have been taking advantage to steal from Kenyans during the demos.


Some people have lost their lives and others injured.

Business premises, especially in Kisumu County, have been looted.

These are issues that the leaders should consider. It is everyone’s right to be heard.

However, what should not be encouraged is the manner in which some people are expressing their grievances.

It is high time to put an end to willful destruction of property.


Let us keep in mind that there are other alternative ways of dealing with grievances.

Ways of trying to solve this political impasse exist and they should be exploited.

It will take a while to recover economically and for businesses to stabilise.

Our leaders should realise that they cannot be heard by hungry citizens for long.

Let our leadership revolve around mature politics that is development focused.

DAVID M. KIGO, Nairobi.