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The Big Four agenda will not be achieved in hostile environment

Friday February 9 2018

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The past week has been one of the most eventful in the country.

The unfolding events in and around Nairobi have been heart-breaking, to say the least.

Soon after the ‘oath taking’ ceremony at Uhuru Park grounds by the opposition leaders and their supporters, a chain of events that involved arbitrary arrests of key figures from the opposition took centre stage.

It began with the shutting down of three major TV stations following a directive to the media houses not to air the events of January 30 on live TV.

While the government reserves the right to arrest anyone it considers a threat to national security, the events that followed the ‘swearing-in’ ceremony were misadvised and lacked any constitutional support.

That the government had initially allowed the opposition to hold the rally at Uhuru Park was in itself a win on the part of the government.

The government should have left it at that. Instead, it went on an assault mission on the participants of the ceremony while conspicuously avoiding the arrest of the oath taker himself.

As if that was not enough, the government has taken up a new, yet destructive, habit of disregarding court orders after refusing to obey court orders to produce one of the arrested suspects, Miguna Miguna, in court.

While this may sound like one of the many funny scripts that Kenyans are used to, it may not go down well with the government, especially with President Uhuru Kenyatta and his ‘Big Four’ agenda for the country.

The ‘Big Four’ agenda — the creation of jobs, provision of universal healthcare, building of 500,000 housing units and food security — are all anchored in the Constitution as basic rights for all Kenyans.

It is the same Constitution that the government is violating, at least going by its recent actions.

In order to achieve these four pillars as his legacy, President Kenyatta will do well for himself by refusing to be dragged into the shenanigans of the opposition and firing all his political and legal advisors for misleading him.


Instead, he should live up to the oath that he took, swearing to protect and uphold the Constitution.

Violating basic human rights as anchored in the Constitution is not only unpopular but draconian.

The government has all the instruments of power.

In order to achieve the Big Four agenda, it is incumbent upon the President to prevail upon his officers to ensure they observe the rule of law while dispensing their duties at all time.

This will lay the groundwork for the Big Four agenda to be achieved in an environment that is acceptable for all.