Take graduate primary school teachers to high schools

Friday December 8 2017

The government is set to hire 50,000 teachers in the next four years in view of the increase in student enrolment from next month, when free day secondary education will be rolled out.

But the government tends to give teachers a raw deal.

Their salaries are less than those of other civil servants and county employees.

Many primary school teachers went to university while working so as to further their education, with some obtaining master’s degrees.

But upon graduation, many of them encountered problems.

Those who opted for secondary school subjects at university ended up deployed to primary schools.

They were told that there were no vacancies in high schools.

With the new demand in high schools, why not recruit the primary school teachers who have degrees and experience?

Does the Education ministry intend to recruit young people?

In secondary schools, you will find teachers who are younger than those in primary schools.

No wonder there are many strikes in secondary schools.

Again, the proposed structure of merging the primary and secondary schools that share a compound should not be implemented.

How will primary school teachers air their grievances to a secondary school principal?

How will one headteacher manage, say, 70 teachers?

Veronica Onjoro,Mombasa.