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It's a shame that sleeping public officials had to be awakened by media

Sunday July 21 2019

On many occasions, the local press has exposed several transgressions in contravention of public safety which ought to have been detected and curbed by the government oversight bodies.

There have been several in the recent past — namely; fuel spillage, expired peanut butter, release of factory effluent into storm drains, misadventures in public health institutions and now, meat laced with types and levels of preservatives unfit for human consumption.

All the agencies charged with oversight of respective consumer protection policies are, evidently, sleeping on the job. Why should it take a press exposé to rouse them from slumber and summon the media to cover so-called raids?

Why should it take a poorly constructed building to topple over and kill innocent Kenyans for the authorities to realise that the building plans were not kosher? Why should it take a road accident with several fatalities for the respective body to crack down, albeit temporarily, on errant drivers?

These agencies should be led by Kenyans with a passion for the job, not political appointees.

Sammy Ng’ang’a, Nairobi

* * *

There is a need for the public health officers to protect innocent Kenyans from the chemical-laced meat being sold in local supermarkets and other outlets.

The NTV exposé brought to fore the lengths at which people can go for the sake of money. In all this, the innocent public is exposed to food poisoning. It seems unsuspecting Kenyans have been consuming hazardous chemicals in the meat they buy.

Public health officers should save Kenyans from these ruthless traders who are out to make a kill at the expense of human lives.

Peter Kiprotich, Bomet