Building a good online personal presence

Sunday March 17 2019


LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are the most often recommended by branding and job search specialists. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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The internet has become a voluminous directory where people, in their quest to know more about each other, browse. When someone types your name on Google Search, what does the internet bring up?

Importantly, if you take an interview and your prospective employer digs deep inside the bowels of the internet, what would they dredge out? What does your online presence say about you? It’s time to get it in check.

If you do not have a digital footprint, there are two things of note. You live in a professional jungle and you could be missed out when online recruiters are hunting for people with your skill.

If your online profile is profane or prosaic, your credentials are standing on quicksand that often swallows many talented people.


Your digital footprint speaks volumes about your personal brand. Having a good online profile is akin to placing your best wares in the window to catch the curious eyes of shoppers.

In these times when the job-hunting field has become overly crowded, it is paramount to put the best profile forward.

As with a corporate brand, starting your personal branding requires a good, hard look at who you are — your core values, skills and beliefs — and figuring out how to place them conspicuously in your digital space.

Here are a few points to consider as you build your online professional presence. First, from among the many social media platforms, identify the forum that you want your professional profile to sit.


LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are the most often recommended by branding and job search specialists. Spruce up your online outlook on these platforms to ensure that your expertise, values and aspirations stand out.

Second, make sure that your online profiles — those that have your official name — have content that reflects what you stand for; what you espouse.

Some of the content that you post or comment on, tag your name along and could come to haunt you if they don’t align with the behaviour consistent with your values.

Third, on your professional profiles such as on LinkedIn, present a presence that goes beyond yourself. Make sure that the profile ennobles causes that you are involved in, not just about your skills and experience.


For example, are you engaged in volunteer activities at the community? Do you play a sport? Do you blog? Are you a member of a professional association?

Fourth, define your online visual image. Visually find photos, images, colours, and graphics to build up your website, business cards and social media platform. Be consistent with your images across all platforms.

Lastly, keep your profile evergreen. Regularly update your professional pages with new things that you have recently achieved.

And, keep weeding out inconsistent, inaccurate and irrelevant content throughout all social channels. Stay evergreen.

Mr. Wambugu is an informatician. Email:[email protected] @samwambugu2