Cruelty to others shows our species is small-headed

Saturday July 20 2019

In human politics, the male’s brain tends, apparently ineluctably, to support a candidate merely because the candidate belongs (a) to the male gender and (b) to one’s ethnic, racial or religious group. Yet, concerning the whole species, the preference for male leadership appears to be universal.


However, though this statement would appear accepted by a species that boasts for all and sundry to hear that humanity is the most intelligent species that our planet has ever produced, our species is an amazingly tiny-minded. Consider it for yourself. If humanity is the species our planet parades as the wisest, then our planet will remain in a parlous state for aye.

Why? Because, on our planet, wherever we turn to – even in perpetually racially boastful Western Europe and North America – we come across mental backwardness in adjecto (as I did when I lived in North America and Eastern France for a number of years to acquire something that human beings call “education”).

To be quite sure, human beings have a specifically large brain. In some areas, indeed, that brain has taken us extraordinarily far afield. For instance, it has led us “up” to the moon, in the direction, of what our starry-eyed priests imagine God’s own abode lies. In time, none the least, some of that field of humanity’s specific imagination – heaven, in particular – begins to appear to some of us to be extraordinarily fertile-minded.

It is a mental longing with which the religious leaders of our species have tortured humanity’s mind for as long as human beings have existed on the surface of this planet. In politics, what is more, we, the human males, do vote for a person merely because, concerning all the female members of our society, the male is an astoundingly pin-headed and conceited mammal.


Quite appallingly, moreover, few of the male human beings believe a woman should ever even think of being voted for into any of humanity’s gaudy State Houses. As far as all the female members in Kenya are concerned – including even the female who horribly risked her life to deliver you alive and thereafter to nurture you into adulthood – the human male appears to have a brain far smaller than a pin’s head.


Yet Kenya is far from being alone. In all earthly societies, the male population is so small-headed as to assume – both in theory and in practice – that the male is the human being par excellence – even though, throughout the world, the male leadership is what has sunk humanity into the lowest levels of the social abyss in which humanity has lived for so long.

All such facts apply even to those societies – including Western European, North American and Down Underese – which never seem to have ever heard even of a comma whenever they begin boasting of their “industry”, their “cultural greatness”, their ”education”, their “civilisation”, their wealth, their closeness to “heaven”, what-have-you.

To be quite sure, certain socio-historical circumstances have enabled Western Europe and North America to soar above other human societies in terms of scientific knowledge and technological knowhow. Yet if – like me – you have lived for long in North America and Western Europe, you soon learn that, though knowledge and technique are extraordinary achievements, they never necessarily humanise anybody or any society.

Otherwise, the Caucasians would never have treated any human beings with the extreme brutality and conceit with which they treated captive societies in Africa, the Americas, Asia and Down Under. The world would now be a hundred times less tense if the Caucasian race had treated the earth’s non-Caucasian peoples as human beings.

No, it was not that the Caucasians were evil from nature. It was much more that humanity is specifically like that. Even black Africans, had they colonised the other races, would have treated them with such appalling conceit.

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