Kenya’s national security under threat

Monday May 28 2012


Since Mungiki and MRC criminal gangs found new courage and emerged from their hiding into our print and electronic media headlines, threats against our national security have increased.

Along with these two internal threats is Al-Shabaab who started spreading their tentacles into Kenya after making Somalia ungovernable. This forced the government to deploy Kenya Defence Forces in Somalia where they remain engaged.

It concerns me deeply that a few misguided Imams have become enemy agents. We have credible intelligence that in their sermons, they have been betraying the cause of the Republic by urging youth to fight against their motherland.

Consequently, we have experienced actions of murder and violent attacks on law enforcement officers.

However, the most perturbing aspect is the conduct of our politicians whose actions and reactions on grave matters of national security remain unpredictable.

Lets us briefly examine what is known about Mungiki. Between 2005 and 2007, Mungiki operated a vicious cycle of murder, violent robbery and extortion in many areas of this country including Molo, Nakuru, Nairobi and the entire Central Province.

By using the kind of terror reminiscent of ancient savage human sacrifices, Mungiki treated the country to butchered human heads pegged onto their owner’s gates, skinned four- year-olds, and mass murder of villagers answering a distress call from a neighbour.

They allocated themselves an income from poor peasant farmers, landlords in the lower income areas of towns and cities, and public service vehicles.

To keep their subjects seized in terror, they engaged in forced female genital mutilation, and ,showing little respect for any religious belief save their own concoction which was being sold as Kikuyu traditional way of worship.

By the way, there was nothing Kikuyu or traditional about their oaths. These were actually a savage declaration that the adherent will serve their leader and take all his orders (to be recognised as an anointed representative of God) – including orders to slaughter a human being when called upon to do so.

Pure use of terror

The oath also included an irrevocable pledge to surrender all earnings to their leader for redistribution. In return a candidate was promised protection from the same savagery they had sworn themselves to. This is pure use of terror.

When it comes to MRC, the Police Service is investigating several brazen criminal acts committed in broad daylight. They include assault, grievous harm, robbery with violence and obstruction to police officers on duty.

The crimes include robbery of a police firearm and sabotage of the most sacred democratic right; the right to choose how to be governed through voting.

Whereas I must credit our politicians for the times they have been sincere, at other times, their public utterances beat every effort at logic.

Article 238 of the Constitution has stipulated that “national security is the protection against internal and external threats to Kenya’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, its people, their rights, freedoms, property, peace, stability and prosperity, and other national interests”.

How then does anybody aspiring to lead this country fail to condemn forces that have openly advocated activities which subvert the Constitution?

Robbing a police officer of his firearm and burning a car in use by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission is a serious violation of national security and must be condemned in the strongest terms possible.

Any person aspiring to leadership must as a matter of instinct demonstrate an insurmountable gap between themselves and anybody betraying the Constitution. Any other person who supports such activity whether overtly or covertly is an outlaw and must be told so.

As we move towards elections, politicians have a cardinal responsibility to demonstrate that this time round, they will trust in the Constitution and remain in the straight and narrow path dictated by the rule of law.

Mr Iteere is the Commissioner of Police.