Prayers should be our first line of defence, not last

Friday January 04 2019

Despite the surge of parochial ethnic nationalism and exclusive politics ahead of the 2022 election, the Kenyan brand will prevail. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP


Towards the end of last year, an opinion poll by TIFA Research found that 56 per cent (almost six out of 10) Kenyans thought 2018 was a bad year due to life’s challenges. One thing you can be certain of is that at one point or another, each of these six people prayed when things got tough. Being human, we tend to pray when all else has failed yet prayer should be our first line of defence. We ought to pray long beforehand.

Five days ago, we ushered in 2019. Today, we are presented with an opportune moment to pray for our country. Let us pray.


Our Heavenly Father, thank You for mercifully bestowing upon us another year. We take it not for granted that we are alive in 2019. For this, we are truly grateful. As we begin this year, Oh God, we want dedicate Kenya into Your mighty hands and invite You to walk before, and with us.

Creator of what is seen and unseen, we ask that You make us to be good stewards of our environment. Please grant us the wisdom and desire to care for it. Help us to maintain its integrity since a sustainable environment is good for our beings, economy, social lives and for future generations. Along with that, God, grant us favourable weather for growing food. Father, we pray for our families – the basic units of our society. It’s in families that we learn much of who we are; and how we are to deal with the world. Indeed, family is very important. As a result, the enemy has found ways to break it up. He has showed up in the form of jealousy and strife, selfishness, intolerance and poor communication. We are seeing divorce, family and sibling rivalry over ‘things’. We are seeing children and youth fall into many societal vices and suffer a loss of identity. Lord, since You are a good and powerful Father, intervene and stop the devil in his tracks. Give us Your love so that we can love one another as You love us.



Lord of all lords, we pray for our leaders. You are not only the greatest authority there is but also the greatest leader of all. You also don’t expect from us what You Yourself have not delivered. Therefore, God, we ask that You will remind our leaders to emulate the servant-leadership model that You exemplified, to think with their minds and not their stomachs; and to endeavour to bring unity and development for all. Let them know when Kenya prospers, they too will prosper.

God, we also pray for the media industry; a sector of utmost importance because it influences the way we think as a society. As journalists and associated staff collect information, guide them in Your wisdom, protect and embolden them. We also remember opinion leaders. Because their opinions count, let them be careful with their words in speech and writing.

Great Teacher, we intercede for our education sector. Of late, it’s been marred by confusion, infighting and a rebellious spirit. Minister to its leaders so that they work together peacefully. Inspire teachers to teach with gusto, punctuated with words of encouragement, and give students the discipline and will to study


Jehovah Rapha, our health sector requires Your healing. Arm all doctors and nurses with tenacity and resilience, researchers with innovativeness and solutions against diseases like cancer. We pray for our economy and businesses. We don’t have to tell You about our burgeoning Sh5.1 trillion debt for you are All-knowing. Cultivate in us creativity so that we may seek and find solutions to our economic and business problems, and find new ways to grow without debt. Bless the work of our hands as employers, employees and hustlers.

Finally, remember our judiciary, lawyers and the police. Honour their sacrifice and give them courage to live the words of our national anthem: “Justice be our shield and defender.” And for those who have stolen taxpayers’ money and time, show them no mercy!

In Jesus Name, amen!

Wishing you a fulfilling year!

Ms Wanjohi is the founder of Mazingira Safi Initiative; [email protected]