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Friday August 23 2019


Kenyans in Nairobi get a glimpse of news stories on August 10, 2017. Some readers do not like the clamping of Nation newspapers with staples. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

Long live stapled newspapers

On the issue of clamped newspapers, I support your marketers ("Newspapers clamped with staples inconvenience and annoy readers", Daily Nation, August 16, 2019). I usually buy my paper later in the day and there is nothing annoying like buying a copy that is crumpled, soiled and out of alignment. To complicate matters, you find the "Code Word" either filled or the page missing altogether.

I like my paper crisp, well-aligned and with that “print smell”. The staple ensures I get my paper just the way I want it.

Secondly, I think your marketers know where this problem persists (Kisii and Kisumu), and I doubt if it’s applied wholesale as I do get my copy unstapled while in Kikuyu.

— K. Goro

* * *


Have you ever gone to a vendor to buy a paper only to see one being retrieved from a guy who was reading it before it’s given to you? How do you feel? Sometimes the additionals, which were inserted, have been removed, and then you can’t condemn the stapling of newspapers.

— Maurice Mudeheri

* * *

It is common sense that no one wants to buy a second-hand newspaper. Continue the good work of stapling them. If the vendor wants extra income, let him or she bear the cost first.

— Steven Mutegi

* * *

Stapling is in order. Many a time I have bought newspapers and found out missing pages or pullouts. Why would you want to buy a paper that has been read by other people? It’s unhygienic.

— 0722 275 XXX

* * *

Your article is too one-sided! Stapling the paper makes sure that when I buy my copy I get all the pages.

— Wanjiku


I am not complaining about the stapled Nation. In fact, recently we laughed about it with my vendor who said those guys who were reading without paying will miss out this time. I guess he was not asking for something small from them.

I use my nails when they are not trimmed to remove the staple effortlessly! Alternatively, I use a simple Biro pen, which does it well.

— Githuku Mungai

* * *

Do not staple the newspapers

I agree with you. No serious buyers are lost by this. And with this economy the said newspaper landlords need that extra cash. Apart from their commission, they return the papers and they are recycled. It's simply a win-win situation.

— 254 707 250 XXX

* * *

I agree with you 100 per cent. I bought my paper this morning on traffic on my way to work and I thought I would look through as we snake through the traffic. I hurriedly tried to remove the staple and guess what? I tore the first page and a number of pages inside. I started asking myself of what benefit is it to staple the paper?

Newspaper renting is real. Just go to Gikomba and see that for yourself. Even if they staple the paper the newspaper vendor will choose to “buy” one and remove the staples to rent it since at the end of the day he will make more money on it.

— Rufus Nyaga

* * *

Stapling my copy of the Daily Nation is quite irritating. At least we have a platform to air our displeasure.

— Job Okello

* * *

I have hurt my fingers several times trying to remove the staples. There are times I prefer not to buy the paper altogether.

— 0721 367 xxx

* * *

Kitale on Sunday and Monday vendors were on strike over the stapling.

— 0721 232 XXX

* * *

Your Notebook is again point on. Last week vendors went on strike in Kitale town claiming that they were being injured handling the stapled newspapers.

— 0722 102 XXX

* * *

I have been a very faithful daily reader of Nation newspapers for the over 45 years. I completely agree with you on clamping newspapers with staples. It's terribly irritating and annoying!

— 0722 490 xxx

* * *

I fully support Mr Mwaura's commentary on newspaper stapling.

— 0722 800 XXX

* * *

I am Pius Wakala, a Nation newspaper buyer and reader. Stop stapling your newspapers.

— 0728 693 XXX

* * *

Cannot agree more with your analysis of the inconvenience of stapled newspapers. Thanks.

— 0722 714 XXX

* * *

I want to thank you for your column about clamped newspapers. They should stop it. It's so annoying.

— 0712 471 XXX

* * *

Kindly try to highlight the issue of the "suruari" that the Nation newspaper is adding to its front page. It's very irritating.

We understand revenue is vital to the newspaper, but that is being greedy. Can't it be done on page 3?

As you rightfully said the newspaper should be "Fit For Purpose". Let the editor stop irritating us. The suruari is an ugly, clumsy addition.

— Mureithi Sam

* * *

This is probably petty. I refer to paragraph 6 of your article, "Newspapers clamped with staples inconvenience and annoy readers", (Daily Nation, August 16, 2019). Wouldn't Dakar, Senegal, better represent a western point than Abidjan, Ivory Coast? Just a random thought.

Otherwise I found the day's topic interesting overall. Doesn't make any sense, especially the economic one cited by the marketers.

— Sam Wanjere