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Stop activists before they march on State House

Friday February 14 2014

Anti-riot police officers run through a cloud

Anti-riot police officers run through a cloud of teargas as they disperse demonstrators, on February 13, 2014, in the Kenyan capital Nairobi. The demonstration entitled "State of the Nation" was held to protest against rising cases of corruption in the government, lack of safety in public places, high unemployment, and poverty. AFP PHOTO / TONY KARUMBA 

By Kwamchetsi Makokha
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Were it not for the swift intervention of the intelligence services – and the extra-constitutional National Security Advisory Council – Kenya would be swaying from instability sowed by vile alien powers.

Mr Boniface Mwangi, who has been hiding behind the pictures organisation Picha Mtaani and Pawa 254 to rouse hate among youth against the country and its leadership, seeks nothing short of the presidency.

Obviously, he has convinced Mr John Githongo, another serial anti-Kenya mudslinger hiding behind the Uongozi platform, to be Deputy President.

Only a fortnight ago, Mr Githongo wrote an importunate letter to the President painting the noble Standard Gauge Railway project with the same brush as Goldenberg, Anglo-Leasing, maize and Kazi kwa Vijana corruption scandals. He even had the temerity to advise the President to cancel the project, cut taxes and deal with insecurity as if there is a shortage of advisers at State House.

Since the defeat of foreign lackeys in the democratic and transparent polls of March 4, 2013, Americans especially have spared no effort in seeking to impose an unpopular leadership on the people of Kenya.

No sooner had the President and his deputy been sworn into office than the March 4 Movement began to organise, destabilise and ultimately overthrow the government. Questioning and grilling some ringleaders exposed this plot early enough and forced their foreign sponsors to take cover, but not for long.

Thursday’s protests, sponsored by the Americans, were designed to incite Kenyans against their government even before it delivers the first laptop to a single standard one pupil. The demo, like others before it, was meant to start from Freedom Corner at Uhuru Park, a national symbol bearing the President’s name, in order to show up the government’s weakness, cause public disaffection, and paint it as incapable of defending itself.

The next step would have been to hold similar demos in each county once a week until the whole country turned against the digital leadership. In truth, this was all planned before by the Americans, who wanted to sponsor a youth revolution as early as 2012.


The same Americans have not shied away from paying people to publicly slaughter pigs, produce puppet effigies and sculpt paper babies for loud demonstrations. The more they deny involvement, the more their interests become apparent.

Had it not been for the government deploying tanks, helicopter gunships and police on horseback to disperse the hired rioters, the protesters might even have held an illegal swearing-in. No priest goes to a public demo - where there will be police batons, teargas, and horses - dressed in ceremonious red cassock and surplice holding a Bible the way the Rev Timothy Njoya did unless they hope to perform a hurried swearing-in ceremony.
Thankfully, the country’s National Security Advisory Council never sleeps and is always a step ahead of plotters. Since it received information on the machinations of Americans and other evil powers jealous of Kenya’s democracy and freedom, it was able to prevent a march on State House.

It is very embarrassing for activists to compete for foreign funding when Kenya is receiving $750 billion in loans from China, especially soon after discovering that the China Road and Bridge Company that is building the Standard Gauge Railway is owned by Chinese of Kenyan descent.

Instead of wasting time and energy demonstrating over nothing, activists should encourage the youth to visit China and study how to manufacture things.