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Superpower airs in the trial of Kenyans in US

Saturday August 17 2019

Baktash Akasha

Kenyan drug lord Baktash Akasha. He was on August 16, 2019 sentenced to 25 years in prison by a US court. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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Will the people of Africa succumb to the Atlantic Superpower conceit and allow our governments to deliver their citizens casually to the Caucasian continents for all court processes? In its “splash” headline the other day, a Nairobi daily newspaper appeared certain of it. It wrote: ‘Top Kenyans to face US trial over Akasha drugs.’

Thus, as long as the trial is to take place in the United States, there is no question about the justice and legality of it. According to that headline, a superpower’s powers include the right to use force to bring the citizens of all other states from their own countries to courts of law in that super-powerful Caucasian country.


According to a certain Caucasian thought stratum, that remains the human situation. This, indeed, was what – when the Soviet Union still existed as the District of Columbia’s nemesis – independent international observers correctly condemned as superpower conceit.

Indeed, that makes the question much more straightforward. If the alleged crime was committed in Kenya, why shouldn’t the alleged culprits be tried in Kenya? For, quite clearly, it was Kenya’s laws that the alleged culprits might have broken. Why, then, should he or she be tried only in the one or the other of the Caucasian Anglo-Saxon countries of the United Kingdom and the United States?

In one of its recent headlines, the Nairobi newspaper did not even try to answer the relevant question. It made no attempt whatsoever to examine whether the American government has any right to summon a citizen of Kenya or any other country to any court of law in the United States. Indeed, where had the alleged crime been committed?


Had it taken place anywhere in the jurisdiction of the District of Columbia? Whenever you consider that, in no country in the world does the elite preach more eloquently to the earth’s erring ordinary human beings about correct behaviour, especially in politics, that question immediately assumes extraordinary significance.

For, concerning political and legal holiness, indeed, nobody preaches more loudly than America’s Caucasian elite. Concerning something called “democracy”, no other country of the human world is ever “holier than thou” than the United States. According to that elite, the Third World has terribly betrayed all these concerns – especially something called “democracy” and another known as “law and order”.


Indeed, according to the Caucasian elite, especially North American and Western European, only that elite is capable of embarking – and now remains – on the path of “correct” socio-political behaviour. It is, indeed, only that path that the Caucasian elite conceitedly describes as “democracy”. It is the form of it that the Caucasian elite seeks to impose on African and other Third World peoples.

Admittedly, the United Sates does certain political things better than most other human countries. But it would serve that country a hundred times much better if it allowed only properly educated independent minds to try to preach “democracy” to the human inhabitants of other lands.

Indeed – being human – the elites of all countries might consider any other world system as democratic only if, in the end, that system works in favour of the econo-material interests of top racial class of human beings, which, in North America, is composed only of Caucasians. Yet, of course, where econo-material relations are concerned, the race of the human beings concerned is not the most important thing.

As far as Africa is concerned, the race of any individual has become notably important only recently and only because the economic structure of every African country is a result of that country’s Caucasian rule during the colonial period and only group interest during what, in blatant misuse of the English language, is called independence.