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Three groups run circles around governments

Saturday December 11 2010



When most of us think organized communities, we think governments. But really how much should we trust or even depend on governments? 

Government agendas and we start and end with our taxes. Your destiny is in your hands.  

Many people know this, and that is why there are organisations doing well by totally ignoring what governments think.  And the world is taking notice.

These past weeks we have learnt there are many forces trying to change our destiny. That even our so-called elected governments are mere puppets.

My top three organisations are WikiLeaks, Fifa and the Nobel Peace Prize Committee. These groups have proved there is power outside governments.

What do they have in common? They are all-knowing, ever present, deciding our fate and influencing outcomes that upset even the best laid plans. They are shaping opinions and, above all, playing God.


WikiLeaks has peeled away the diplomatic veneer to expose the maniacal politicking, frenzied resource acquisitions, backstabbing, betrayals and the evil face of our governments and leadership. We now know better.  

Fifa has crowned itself the world’s benefactor. It does wants it wants, to whom  it wants, however it wants, affecting generations.

Fifa, with allegations of corruption at the heart of its operations, its highly capitalistic appetite for money and elderly men-only insiders, has taken upon itself to take the world where it would not dare on its own.

In this decade alone, it took us to South Korea in 2002 and showed us how that side of the world lives. In 2006, it took us to a unified Germany, clearly a political move.

In 2010, the world descended on Africa, South Africa in particular, one of the world’s most unequal countries. Fifa’s gesture was meant to say that’s the past.

A better  common future is coming. We are still waiting. In the next decade it will take us to Russia, a much maligned world power, and the next decade to Qatar, where we shall see first hand what money can buy. 

Another god, which no one seems to second guess, is the Nobel Peace Prize committee. This year it has taken the mighty red dragon of China head on by giving the coveted award to Liu Xiaobo.

It didn’t matter that Beijing has branded him a dissident.  The committee is a law unto itself, and as much as it seems it works towards its own ends, it clearly has a world agenda.

So where does that leave our governments as far as public opinion is considered?   

Sara Bakata is the Deputy Chief Sub-Editor, The EastAfrican [email protected]