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We owe US president an apology for state of African countries

Saturday January 20 2018

US President Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump makes his way to board Air Force One before departing from Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland on January 18, 2018. Trump is heading to Coraopolis, Pennsylvania for a visit. PHOTO | MANDEL NGAN | AFP 

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Africa owes US President Donald Trump an apology for offending his sensibilities by looking like an open defecation zone.

The continent, whose trade with the United States is estimated at $47 billion, is a repository of turds teeming timorously towards the United States like a draft of black smoke.

For one, the quality of immigrants being sent America’s way is not of the same standard as those regularly delivered during the slave trade.

Of the 2.1 million African immigrants already in the US, according to PEW research in 2015, only a sorry 11.7 per cent do not have a high school education. Three quarters of African immigrants in the US can speak English, and have a propensity to talk back when spoken to.

A whopping 41.7 per cent of them hold a bachelor’s degree. These are people who are arriving in the US with uppity attitudes, intending to take jobs Americans have yet to train for.


That is no way to make America great again when it needs workers to drain the swamp and clean the place.

Africans constitute 4.8 per cent of the immigrant population in America, all definitely fleeing war, famine, poverty, ignorance and disease.

Of the top 10 African countries sending immigrants to America, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Somalia, Morocco, Liberia, Cameroon, Sierra Leone and Cape Verde account for 1.4 million people. Nigerians, who are the most educated of the lot, show up with their learning and obnoxious manners, intending to commit crimes without even getting caught.

Since the abolition of the slave trade after the American Civil War in 1865, Africans have been struggling to find alternative markets for spillovers from their misery.

These are the individuals who accidentally misplace their birth certificates and find themselves living in the White House by mistake.


If Africa was even half great, there would not be so many people clamouring to leave. Africans may have stopped capturing relatives and selling them off to the West, but they continue to manufacture depression by the dozen and export it by the tonne — hence the emergence of a slave market in Libya.

Slave trade was abolished by Abraham Lincoln, himself a republican like The Donald, and it would be absurd to accuse the US President of racism.

His reference to Africa as Sithole’s place, after Rev Ndabaningi Sithole, was in a manner of speaking the way people call America Trump country. The fake media added a letter to it and turned his word into an expletive.

The crybaby attitudes on the continent, together with the delusional wailing of their dark cousins in Haiti, call for tough love from The Donald, who is not afraid to use strong language to discourage low quality individuals from bringing their attitude about racial equality and entitlement to America. Speaking plainly as The Donald did can only toughen Africans, stiffen their spines and make them own up to the state of their home.


There are no Americans visiting, working or living in any of those Sithole places. America plays no role in creating the state of African nations but only shows up to help.

In 2015 alone, American charity rescued $6.6 billion worth of crude oil from Africa, $2.9 billion in platinum and diamonds, $1.5 billion in vehicles, $1.2 cocoa and $662 million worth of iron and steel. In return, America made $17.8 billion from selling machinery, aircraft, vehicles and oil to Africa but the people were just not good enough.

As the African Union’s 30th Ordinary Session opens next week, the continent’s leaders ought to send a hugely apologetic message to The Donald expressing their regret at being unable to deliver to him the best people for making America great again, the way that Norway does.

 The writer is a Programme Advisor, Journalists for Justice. The views expressed here are his own and do not reflect those of JFJ. [email protected]