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Western aid is a tool for economic, political control

Saturday March 16 2019


Africans and their leaders must raise themselves to a position where they can dictate the kind of “aid” to receive from the Western Europeans and North Americans. ILLUSATRATION | FILE | NMG 

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As far as we know, humanity is the most creative among nature’s specifically social creatures. I use the adverb “specifically” in order to remind the reader that, if those involved were able to tame the meaning of the term “specific sociability”, the concept of free enterprise would continue to make a great deal of social sense to the leading members of most human societies.


For, of all the systems so far known about human history, the market is so far the most capable system of awakening an individual’s creative faculties.

I use the phrase “an individual’s” for the obvious reason that free enterprise stresses the individual’s self-interests. The world’s market system stresses interests that, in most cases, go directly against the objective interests of humankind as a whole. It is for that reason that humanity’s survival pursuits remain essentially individualistic, anti-social and perilous.

Thus it seems self-evident that any system so individualistic as the one that a class of Western Europeans has recently imposed on humankind the whole world over goes directly athwart humanity’s most specific inborn nature as a social creature.

That is why, in the academic field, Western humanity’s mental guardians reject the term capitalism by which an intellectual school led by a certain class of Western Europeans themselves has identified that social system. For it is as political economy the system is known to all objective historians and students of the human society.


For, indeed, if you want to know how a system works and to employ such knowledge to benefit your society importantly, you must strive to put yourself in a position where you can control the whole system. No matter what system you adopt – capitalism, socialism, what-have-you – you must be the decision maker all the time.

If you allow foreigners to dictate such decisions to you just so as to get “aid” from them, you have tied your own hands completely. Where all the important econo-political decisions are imposed on you by your so-called “aid givers”, you have lost all control of your own destiny.

That is why, as long as the leaders of African countries maintain the mentality that their countries cannot develop without Western “aid”, they have condemned themselves to a permanent standstill. Through such “aid”, Africans and other Third World peoples have long ago even condemned themselves to what can only be described as a “development backwards”.


For “development aid” is the means by which Europe and North America continue and intensify their robbery of Africa and other former Western colonies. Many observers – including even certain Caucasian Europeans and North Americans – now know and write that self-management is the only way in which Africa and other Third World areas will begin to regain and maintain the self-government and self-respect that Europe cruelly removed from them throughout the 18th and 19th centuries.

Africans and their leaders must raise themselves to a position where they can dictate the kind of “aid” to receive from the Western Europeans and North Americans. African leaders must now rise to the position in which they can reject any European or North American offer whenever it is not given with human respect to the receivers.

A time is coming and—as Jewry’s Bible puts it— “now is” when how you offer your aid, rather than its amount and the self-praise with which you announce it worldwide, will be what counts. What you have robbed should give you a keen sense of proportion.