If our country gets into trouble, we’ll never forgive you, politicians

Saturday October 21 2017


From left IEBC commissioner Yakub Guliye, chairman Wafula Chebukati, commissioner Boya Molu, and vice chair Consolata Nkatha Bucha Maina when they appeared before Select Committees of both Senate and National Assembly on the Election Laws (amendments) proceedings at County Hall, Nairobi on October 5, 2017. PHOTO | JEFF ANGOTE | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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While I would never want to sound alarmist – I cannot because I believe there is always a solution to any situation – let us not bury our heads in the sand.

We do have a matter that could turn into a major crisis.

Even the bravest of us – including  political leaders who display bravado and seem to know where we are going as a country – will be affected if there is trouble.

When there is trouble, it affects each and every Kenyan of whichever political or ethnic extraction.


The matter at hand now is our presidential election which initially was conducted together with that of senators, governors, members of parliament, women reps and MCAs.

All those other five offices are in place and, for the most part, discharging their duties.

Luckily, since there was an existing President and the law is clear that he remains there until another has been sworn in, we are still intact as a nation.

At the centre of the Supreme Court majority ruling that did not accept the President’s election was an issue about irregularities and illegalities.


Such mistakes could only have been attributed to the body that administered the elections.

That notwithstanding, our Supreme Court still ordered the same commission to go ahead and organise a fresh presidential election – not the other positions – within 60 days.

As we stand now, that commission has tried whatever it can but apparently it is “bewitched” – excuse my bad thoughts.

Even those of us who are not lawyers know the reason this “independent” – independent really? – Commission is appointed and the Constitution is quite clear about that.


Article 88 of the Constitution does establish that there be such a commission. The article does not say how this commission is established.

May be article 250 has the guidelines.

We, lay people, have, however, seen that political players from whichever side of the political divide do have a role in how members of this commission are selected.

Parliament, too, has a role in vetting them. Who selected the current commissioners after the Hassan team was thrown out?

Who proposed the chair of the commission? Who proposed the lady who has just resigned and all the others? Who vetted them in Parliament?


If this country gets into serious trouble – God forbid – those of us who love Kenya will never forgive the current crop of politicians.

There was an electoral commission when Kenya started preparing for the 2017 elections.

What was the problem? Another one was put in place. Now it cannot perform.

Politicians, give us a break. Dear God, kindly watch over Kenya.


Writer is Dean of Students at the University of Nairobi; [email protected]